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Behavioral health integrates positive mental strengths with relationship effectiveness and physical wellbeing. When individuals realize the importance of their entire health needs, they can take greater care of their lives and increase success, enjoyment, and fulfillment. For more information about behavioral health benefits, click here.

Vanguard Behavioral Health Solutions is a leading source of total health for individuals, families, and organizations. No one can afford to ignore this compelling approach to total personal health and effectiveness.

This site offers a number of resources to achieve greater behavioral health.

Behavioral Health Review
Behavioral Health Review

This is a free, self-reporting appraisal that you can use to take stock of your total health. In the overview you assess eight areas of behavioral health.

The Self-Evaluation
The Self-Evaluation

Almost everyone at one time has wanted to know if they needed counseling. This resource asks a few questions that you can use to assess if it would be helpful to consult with a specialist.

The Essential Intake Review
The Essential Intake Review

The Essential Intake Review is an appraisal of overall behavioral health. It is designed to be used by a physician or mental health professional to assist in understanding all elements that impact an individual's mental, emotional, and personal wellness.

Dr. Gray Otis
Meet Dr. Gray Otis

More information regarding Dr. Otis and his commitment to behavioral health.

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The professionals at Vanguard Behavioral Health Solutions are dedicated to advancing the total health of every individual. We are in the foremost position to help each person discover their inherent capacity for growth and development. Joining with physicians and health professionals, we constantly work to achieve the highest degree of behavioral health excellence.

Charting your own behavioral health leads to expanding opportunities for personal enjoyment and real success. This rewarding venture depends on your vision. It all comes together when you imagine the potential.